Aerosol Cans

Strong and sleek packaging for beauty products, household essentials and everything in between
aerosol spray can

Leverage wrap-around branding real estate in a format that boasts long-lasting durability and critical formula protection, promising a product experience that meets consumer expectations at the point of purchase and upon every use. 

Straight Wall Aerosol Cans
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Two straightwall aerosol cans with short white pumps

With a variety of diameters and sizes to choose from, 云顶集团糖果游戏’s straight wall aerosol cans are suitable for any occasion. Whether they are looking to strengthen a brand, enhance shelf appeal or enter new markets, companies can count on 云顶集团糖果游戏 for all their aerosol can packaging needs.


Infinitely Recyclable
for future use
Minimizes Product Waste
through uniform dosage

Straight Wall Can Sizes

Diameter 高度 体积
211 604 17.6oz
211 713 22oz
211 908 26.7oz

Popular Uses

A hairdresser uses a can of hair spray on a head of long, brown hair.
Hair sprays, dry shampoos and texturizers
A male-presenting adult and child with shaving cream applied to their faces smile and laugh into a mirror away from the camera.
Shaving creams and deodorants
A person out of frame sprays an aerosol can onto the dashboard of a car while using a wipe to clean the dashboard.
Disinfectants, cleansers, deodorizers
Necked-In Aerosol Cans
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Two necked-in aersol cans where top portion of side bends near attachment to the top

Used to package everything from food and deodorant to laundry and automotive products, necked-in steel aerosol cans are extremely durable and serve as a vehicle for brand owners to enhance their products on the retail shelf.


100% Recyclable
Retains Performance Attributes
and durable to prevent leaks

Necked-In Can Sizes

Diameter 高度 体积
112 312 4.733oz
112 410 5.917oz
112 508 7.1oz
112 700 9.129oz
202 214/ 4.9oz
202 306 6.05oz
202 314 6.7oz
202 406 7.6oz
202 509 9.8oz
202 605 11.3oz
202 607.5 11.55oz
202 700 12.4oz
205 604 13.5oz
205 608 13.8oz
205 704 15.5oz
205 710 16.3oz
205 803 17.5oz
211 315 11oz
211 413 13.5oz
211 512 16.3oz
211 604 17.6oz
211 713 22oz
211 804 23.4oz
214 804 26.7oz

Popular Uses

A person out-of-frame sprays an aerosol can onto the gears of a bicycle wheel.
Cooking sprays, including avocado oils, coconut oils, etc.
A person out-of-frame sprays an aerosol can downwards while outdoors and wearing protective gloves.
Laundry products, such as stain removers or other sprays